[Fan Art] What’s In A Name?

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Recently Luxanna Crownguard has been rather erratic, though no cause has been readily apparent and she has only answered out questions with shrill, high pitched laughter. When we caught up with her brother, Garen, he had this to say:

Lux,The Lady Of Luminosity, looked distressed today after a bout on the Field of Justice Summoner’s Rift


Yeah, its a pretty bad sketch, but It’s also the first thing I’ve drawn in months so…I guess it’ll do. Crazy Lux is Crazy 😀


[Sketch] Ronyan Warrior

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Yet more Twitter inspired sketching

[Sketch] Adorable Renekton

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Inspired by events on twitter

[Sketch] Llynna (Devil Form)

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I’ve been really, REALLY, bad about drawing the past few days as the last week of packet work really hits. So again, I’ve got more artwork from Curse. This time, Llynna’s devil form. I’m really happy with how this one came out and will likely touch it up with digital inks and colors…next week when all I’m doing is reading page after page of wonderful work from my fellow Stonecoasters. I’ve not looked too deeply at anything–have other priorities right now–but the peeks I’ve sneaked have all been outstanding work.

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Yay Crosspost!


Please, please, please let me know how I sound. I can’t really tell ><

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[Sketches] Faces

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Gallery of faces I plan on using for a little project that’ll unveil soon (if my voice isn’t ear bleedingly awful). Watch this space and this space.

[Sketches] Character Designs for “League Comic”

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think i’ve got the male characters hammered out, but I still need to get the hang of the female leads. Really need to come up with a name for it, by the way so if you have any ideas I’m game.  Also need to come up with names. So far the only one I have is Chuck, the one with the beard. Gonna work on some more sketches now, back later.

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